festival prep --->

Out the door and headed to the first music festival of the summer.
Stephen and I are stopping at a quartz mine in Mount Ida on the way. Maybe we'll dig up something badass like this. Apparently Mount Ida is the "Quartz Capital of the World".

The ring case is new, bought it just for traveling this summer. Urban Revisions cluster rings for everyone! Have a great week - I plan on returning exhausted, tan and overwhelmed with fun pictures to share with you all... 
xo xo


+ plenty-a pastels +

In the shop!
You may notice I've had to raise the price on these a bit. Colored glass is quite a bit more pricey than clear. It also has a much slower melting rate... 

Check out the SALE section for cheaper rings though! I've added even more :)



Just added to ArlieFindsVintage...
The dress I received in a trade not too long ago.
I adore it but on second thought, it will probably just hang in my closet.
The backpack is awesome! If I hadn't just bought a new Baggu, I'd be toting it around all summer. 


and, done.

Phew! Another (much smaller) order complete. These are heading to a cute little boutique in Bend, Portland...
The Feather's Edge Finery

Now, time for a nap.


making progress (slowly).

- scarves for derriere de soie: finally finished, shipping out today! (never get tired of photographing piles of shreds)
- hot cluster ring: a poor example but that *glow* you see there? that's why I love working with glass. mesmerizing work. 
- pastel lights: should I wait till Christmas to use these in product photos? i think not. 
- trade: I sent Jenn a cluster ring in exchange for her geo earrings. check out her blog! she has great taste.
- fabric fabric fabric: i've been holding onto this stuff for years. there's no doubt i love pouches and totes. thinking it's time i get better at sewing and make my own.
- pastel clusters: these will be available in the shop sooner than I thought! for the meantime, check out the rings I added to the SALE section yesterday...

I've been struggling with the fact that my work is very springtime and spring is basically over. I don't know if I'll ever be able to produce seasonal lines like other designers. Maybe if I had extra helping hands, but I'm stubborn and I want to do everything myself. 
A few days ago I noticed on Anabela's, Fieldguided Facebook page, her "about" reads: 
Its a "spring line" all year long.
I like this idea.


16 new things to love.

It's been awhile since I've collected Etsy favorites...
View/Browse this treasury here
(I reaaally wish I had enough reason to buy that white mod chair!)


- summer is here -

Stephen had several days off this past weekend so we drove to Virginia Beach for a few days, then a friends combined graduation / 21st birthday party on the York river. It was great to get away for a few days. I've been keeping myself cooped up in the house too much since the weather turned nice.

The cluster ring pictured at the beach above was a happy accident. I thought I was making one of these but somehow got translucent yellow mixed with my clear glass. The combination with lilac is so nice. The picture doesn't do it justice but take my word for it, the sunshine loves these colors together!
This week is full of work... having a good time preparing new pieces for the shop update. I'm thinking second week in June now but I'm not stressing it. Will post some progress pics soon.
This coming weekend we're embarking on a much more serious road trip!
Summertime is official here.


- Raleigh Re-Model -

A few weeks ago Stephen found this 1972 Raleigh Sport on craigslist for me and spent his days off fixing her up. Besides some rust left over on the rims, she looks like a brand new bike! I just need to get a couple reflectors and I'm good to go. Isn't she a beauty?! We need to give her a name.

Another impressive project. I've started a DIY! folder on flickr just for his handy work (last endeavor, the platform bed). Now I'm trying to get him to build me a shelf/cork/chalkboard contraption for the studio...


this past week - bits and baubles...

- Just a few happys: gemstones from Hiddenite, metallic paint markers and colors pencils...
- Brand new glass colors came in the mail. yes. yes!!!
- Hang tags for shredded shirts and scarves.
- New jewelry production.
- Seriously obsessed with this mint color. My nails are painted to match right now... 
- Masking tape in every amazing color from Pretty Tape. It's the little things. :)


jambands, mountaintops and dreadlocks

The summer music festival season is approaching quickly! I went through my photo folders from last year's Wakarusa, All Good and Camp Barefoot this morning and got really excited. Not the best quality, everything here was shot with a crappy little camera to avoid lugging my SLR around while laughing, dancing and having too much fun for 3 to 4 days at a time.
I think I'm gonna go for it this summer though. I go through stages of camera fright... but what's the point of having a sweet camera if you're not going to take it to fun places?!

ps - on a related note, Mallory put this post together today and it made me want to set up our tent asap :)


Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for supporting, listening and believing in me for 24 years. 
You are the most beautiful and strong woman I know.
I miss you and I love you SO much! 
♥, arlie