jambands, mountaintops and dreadlocks

The summer music festival season is approaching quickly! I went through my photo folders from last year's Wakarusa, All Good and Camp Barefoot this morning and got really excited. Not the best quality, everything here was shot with a crappy little camera to avoid lugging my SLR around while laughing, dancing and having too much fun for 3 to 4 days at a time.
I think I'm gonna go for it this summer though. I go through stages of camera fright... but what's the point of having a sweet camera if you're not going to take it to fun places?!

ps - on a related note, Mallory put this post together today and it made me want to set up our tent asap :)

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Mallory said...

Seriously. I was tempted to go set up my tent in the back yard after putting together the post. Last year was my first summer ever without camping. I need to go this year, even if its during Maine's terrible mosquito season.