Arizona Thanksgiving

Last week my Dad and I flew out to Phoenix to meet up with his family for Thanksgiving. It had been 6 years or more since I saw everyone. While at G-ma's I looked at a bunch of old photos, hung out with the cacti in her backyard and became educated on she and my step - grandfather Ray's pile of rocks. We went to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West one afternoon, which I really enjoyed - will share photos soon.


(buy) HANDMADE (this) HOLIDAY --- >

Handmade Holiday is now online and ready for browsing!
The online pop - up shop will open Thursday, December 1st, 10AM Eastern time.
Some wonderful gifts for you and loved ones - handmade by yours truly and eight other crafty ladies I adore.
Several items will be limited in quantity - first come, first serve!

 (Isn't our graphic awesome? Geoff from Fieldguided took the snowy image on top and the talented Kate Miss pieced it all together.)


*** Holiday Preview ***

This past week I've been putting together a little online holiday gift shop with some of my favorite craft ladies.
I will be selling these limited edition glass ornaments and tie dye shredded scarves. 
More info on this in a few days...  in the meantime, if you're in Richmond head over to Quirk Gallery. They have a handful of these ornaments and plenty of cluster rings.

Are you ready for the holidays? It's about that time!
We are headed to the desert today for an Arizona Thanksgiving with family.


/// ooak tie dye ///

 ... a few of the new one of a kind shredded scarves ...
available in the SHOP

Moorea Seal is hosting a giveaway for me!
- go enter to win a Shredded Scarf No. 5 in the color of your choice -

The "not so secret" sale is on until Friday! 
Enter SECRETSALE11 during check out for 20% off.


... VOGUE ...

I drank waaay too much coffee yesterday and laid in bed bug-eyed till 3 am. Thank goodness for the Youthquaker blog because looking at vintage Vogue editorials from the 60s and 70s is always amazing, especially in the early morning. Love the first image. I'm conjuring up a glass ear cuff idea... 


fall in The Fan.

These past few weeks I've been taking the time to walk my orders to the post office instead of drive. Normally I feel rushed to get back home and work but my mind and body have been craving fresh air lately. A perfect time for it too, The Fan is always gorgeous in the fall. I'm sure it won't be long till we're freezing our noses off and I'll decide to drive but I'm enjoying this walking habit for now.
("The Fan" district got it's name based on the shape the streets create on a Richmond city map...)


cluster ring stylin'

A few months back - Boman Leung, a fashion student at Whitehouse Institute of Design in Australia contacted me about a large glass cluster ring order for styling her models in her third year collection. She just posted some images on facebook of this fantastic dress and I absolutely adore seeing my rings as part of the look! No online portfolio yet but she has a blog and tumblr where she collects inspiration ...



Discovered via Mary and Tim's wonderful 17 Apart.
(whom are also Richmond dwellers, with fantastic things to blog about)
... I think this video may be making some serious rounds about the internet but if you haven't seen it already, you're in for a treat. Can you imagine taking out a canoe on a rainy afternoon (in Ireland!), and witness this starling murmuration? I love how the girl laughs at the end. Such a bewildering, profound moment ...


<<< girlfriends, scarves, flowers and secret sales >>>

Can't believe it's November 3rd. How did this happen? The fall always flies by.
Halloween weekend was so much fun - my girlfriend Allie came to stay with me and we've been veggin out, painting nails and eating thai food... on a recent trip to Panama she picked up a wonderful little handmade souvenir for me - a red wooden necklace with dreamcatcher design in the middle. We haven't been all too productive around here this week but I did manage to shred a small order of No. 2 style scarves, currently traveling to The Feather's Edge Finery in Bend, Oregon.
Also, we discovered the blooming beauties above in the dumpster the other night. Kind of amusing... second-hand flowers and they've been making me so happy!

ps - are you a Urban Revisions facebook fan? I'm having a special (kind of secret) sale!
Including this new one of a kind scarf, which I think may be my most favorite dye technique to date...