lately --->

  • we dyed my dreads red (orange?) with henna. will definitely need a few more washes before it settles. not trying to make any rash decisions but i still want to cut them.
  • kate and will's "i employ magical thinking" print came in the mail and I love seeing it everyday when i sit down to work on the torch.
  • experimenting with synthetic opals. a lot of glass cracking and head scratching so far but i'm determined to figure it out...
  • on a dyeing rampage. been shredding a few scarves from these experiments and i'll be putting them in the shop over the weekend.
  • lastly - pretty shimmer and glitter piling up for holiday items i've been working on. can't wait to share this project soon! 


the trade bead necklace.

As mentioned yesterday, I picked up a beautiful strand of vintage beads on our road trip and it inspired me to create something similar of my own. Strung on a soft white leather cord, the clear and lilac glass mimic the blue and white Venetian trade bead pattern with adjoining skunk bead in the middle.
I love the organic quality produced by working fast with bead mandrels.
Each bead has it's own special shape and hangs differently than the next.
- now in the shop -


Road Trip Part 5 : Frontier Plunder Antiques

 Making our way through Utah towards Zion National Park (which is GORGEOUS by the way) we happened to pull over at Frontier Plunder Antiques. From the outside it looked like typical souvenir shops in the southwest but after walking through the front door, I was immediately in awe. The adobe house was built twenty years ago with the intent of creating the adjoining vintage shop by Harriet and her husband John.

Each time I picked something up Harriet could immediately tell me it's history and then some. I could have stayed there all day picking her brain. After much obsessing and jaw dropping, I purchased a batik dress and a string of Venetian glass trade beads that were made circa 1740s - 1850s. Be sure to dive into their website. They have small collection online for sale that will give you a great idea of the amazing-ness not pictured. Also, take some time to read the blog posts - they will be sure to intrigue and put a smile on your face.

Finishing up my own beaded necklace today inspired by the one I purchased.
Look for it here on the blog and in my shop tomorrow! 


Road Trip Part 4 : Geothermal Yellowstone

Are you familiar with the geothermal areas of Yellowstone? The natural colors and textures will baffle your eyes ... so gorgeous that the heavy smell of sulfur in the air is almost bearable. I found so many similarities to hand dyed colors and glassy flame worked surfaces. May have to get a few of these printed ...

Road Trip Part 3 : Landscapes

The land changed so quickly.
Somewhere in Idaho
Somewhere in Nevada
Zion National Park
Lake Powell

Road Trip Part 2 : Wildlife

Had a great time shooting plants and animals on this trip. It seemed like every time I saw a wildflower I might want to picture, there was a cute little bee or butterfly to accompany it once I got closer. We had never seen bison before and had multiple run ins with them.

Road Trip Part 1 : Jacksonhole, Wyoming

This whole last week my internet was down. I spent the first few days cursing Comcast and getting completely frustrated but finally took it as a blessing and got a lot of stuff done around here. Editing 500+ photos from our road trip last month has been a nice break from trolling Etsy and praying for sales.

First up - Jackson. We stayed in a cute little Koa "Kabin" for a few days... hung out around town and gazed at the Teton mountain range views.
Many more photos (possibly too many) to share, coming right up...