Grabbed this lovely image off Caitlin's blog. Wonderful example of the texture produced with my shredded tees. Caitlin's Etsy store, Metrode is always crisp and white. She sent me this geode a few months ago and it's even more pretty in person.


Audrey Kawasaki


I've been following Audrey's work on Livejournal since my freshman year of college (over 5 years ago, yikes!). I rarely use the website anymore, though I was pleased to randomly sign in today and be reminded of her. These pictures are pieces from a recent show and her current work space. Go to her website and click through, it's a beautiful trap. She has so much work! Tons of people are drawn to the contradictions throughout her pieces - just look at the amount of people with tattoos representing her art! Lovely. 


love lilac

A new one-of-a-kind item just uploaded to Urban Revisions. I seldom sew and I need to more often - pieces like this are fun to make. Created using two lilac hues, definitely one of my best selling colors. You can wear it as a skirt too. 


< birds and bleach >

Just uploaded this tote to ArlieFindsVintage.
Upcycled fabrics, a bleached design and sewn by yours truly.


Color! I love color. 
Click here to browse these items. Help out my fellow Etsians! 


free shipping!

I've changed all the necklaces in my Remnants of Mexico series to check out with free shipping!
All but two pieces pictured here are still available in the shop + several more... 


new glass jewels...


Today I've been working on finishing up new jewelry pieces for the shop. Many have the same kind of look and feel that Nature in the City do -  though these are made with darker glass and fibers. I have a few ideas for what I would like to call the series but still pondering. I suppose my earlier clear pieces would be considered Spring/Summer and these Fall/Winter. Yep. Hah, I'm still getting a handle on this whole seasonal fashion and accessories thing. Hopefully these will be finished for purchase soon! 


...the same but new...

... a new necklace added to the Nature in the City jewelry section...

... and one of my new images for T-Shirt No. 2 ...

Excited today because I was able to get on the lampworking torch (glass making) and make a bunch more cluster rings. All the sizes I have left in the shop are quite large and I've had some requests to make more for little fingers. Since the technique is competely freehand, it's always hard to know exactly what size I'm making - but I gauged them small with my eyes! We will see how they turn out tomorrow after they anneal.
I can't believe it's the middle of October! Ay yi yi.


oh deer


The most recent treasury collection I've made.
Some really lovely things.
Please go here and click around!

dark tones


Uploading some one-of-a-kind colors in the shop. I would love to offer these colors in every style and size but can't seem to source them very often. I also have enough fabric of each to create a scarf style if anyone is interested.

Today is the last day of my facebook sale! a 20% discount on all made-to-order items...


glass update


Later today I'm going to be uploading several new jewelry styles to Urban Revisions. Especially excited about the earrings. To continue my work with the Nature in the City series, I've been working on some similar looks but made from colored glass. Goal is to finish these by the end of October...


! Facebook SALE !


In celebration of my 500th sale on Etsy!
For 1 week - take 20% off any made-to-order item listed.

If you are not a facebook fan, go HERE and "like" UrbanRevisions.
Go to the shop and look around.
Include your Facebook name in "message to seller" box during check out.
I will refund the difference to you asap.

(My fantastic sale decorations are via The Selby created by Confetti System!)


staying in focus

A much better example of the new sage color, photographed in the Shredded T-Shirt No. 5 design. I borrowed Jenny's camera for these recent shots... mine has been in bad shape for months, delivering poor focus. After contemplating for too long, I finally bought a new one today!