- The rush is over! I just shipped my last and 410th order of the holiday season. So thankful!!!

- I have a new home and studio! Somehow we managed to move in the chaos of everything last weekend. Back to city life. As much as I loved the nature surrounding our other home, it had become too isolating for me in recent months. Change is good! And I'm so excited to walk to the coffee shop. 

- The Amber/Purple Glass Cluster Ring colorway has been a huge hit this season. 

- Some good ladybug juju in the studio. 

- Looking forward to the new year. Getting back to the crystals! 



I can not even put into words how incredibly grateful I am this holiday season. Every day for the past few weeks has been spent packaging orders all morning and flame working all afternoon and late into the night. Nothing makes me happier knowing there are going to be so many Urban Revisions gifts opened this Christmas!

A shipping reminder : All domestic orders must be placed by December 12th to guarantee Christmas arrival... in the meantime please use coupon code THANKFUL for 10% off your order.



Couldn't be more excited to be featured in Real Simple Magazine's December 2013 holiday gift guide.
A whole page dedicated to Urban Revisions glass cluster rings!


glass crystals /////////////

I just got back from another stay at Penland where I started making my own crystal forms out of glass. Looking forward to where this is taking my "clusters".

It feels like so long since I have made a post over here. I have been debating whether I should keep this blog going... it's just so much easier (and fun) to instagram, although blog posts with larger photos can be nice too. Always trying to find a balance...

, arlie 



Urban Revisions will be traveling to Chicago this weekend!
This will be my 4th Renegade Craft Fair this summer. It's the best!


Trunk Show!

In just a few weeks!
 I'll be heading up to Richmond to join these talented ladies for a trunk show at Quirk Gallery.


opals & starfish & moons

During my time at Penland, I :

 - finally! learned to properly encase opals and started adding them to all my pieces.
(there are 6 total in the ring close up)

- became obsessed with making clustered starfish for three days straight.
 (I have a plan for all these babes!)

- felt so powerful by the Blue Moon - and in an attempt to make bracelets,
discovered the perfect shape which I plan to extend on soon.

Back in the home studio feels amazing.
I am so excited to expand on Urban Revisions but also considering new work that's more personal to me.
There's a balance there that I need to find.

/// PENLAND ///

My recent two week stay at Penland has honestly changed my life.
I could go on and on for hours but instead I'll just say that this place let's you discover a creative energy that you may not (I didn't) even know exists. I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity and the things I have learned from Jennifer Umphress and Jessica Landau. Already brainstorming my return...


california, on my mind.

 Home from the left coast and thinking about turning back around. 
LA and SF Renegades were so much fun.
 Met so many wonderful makers, explored so many amazing places in between! 

instagram re-cap :

- exhausted by happy in Venice after arriving 
- my new favorite Urban Revisions pendant glistening in LA sunlight during Renegade
(you can see a process video here
- a visit to the inspiring Dream Collective flagship store in Silverlake
- traveling up the PCH : Stephen looks pretty great on the left coast
- breathtaking views in Davenport, just outside of Santa Cruz
- feeling small in the redwoods
- San Francisco! exploring the Mission District
- a visit to Little Paper Planes, love love love this space!
- our first airbnb experience in Berkeley : so well styled and comfortable 
hanging vases during Renegade : Fort Mason is a great venue! 
- and lastly, a long walk around Berkeley at dusk : admiring everyone's garden and daydreaming about life on the west coast one day...