road trip in a Droid camera app nut shell >>>

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Remember how I mentioned I was going out of town last week? If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw my overzealous tweets everyday. I met up with my mama and sister in Jackson Hole and we made our way across parts of Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona in 7 days. I've spent a fair amount of time in the southwest but never explored much further north than Arizona and New Mexico. It'll never cease to amaze me how the land changes in our country!
We stayed in Koa campground cabins, saw the Tetons, explored Yellowstone, had photo shoots with bison, sat in a cowboy bar, chilled at a hot spring in Mammoth, went thrifting (my colorful loot pictured above), got intrigued and then disgusted by Vegas, bought souvenirs, drove through Zion National Park... and often got on each other's nerves - but it was definitely worth it. 

As usual, I have more than enough photos to share (not taken with my phone) so I'll be uploading those once I'm back and settled in Richmond. 


new personal favs.

- a new etsy treasury -
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Marbelous Wood

Thanks to Mallory's Gems of the Week post today, I just discovered this Marbelous Wood created by Pernille Snedker Hansen. How amazing would it be to have your floors laid in colorful pine like this?
Also, the marbling technique reminded me of the amazing scarves Ilana just debuted with her new collection... be sure to go check that out, but be warned, you might want everything.


- instagram wannabe -

i'm always so jealous of everyone with their iphones and the photos they take with the instagram app.
a while back i discovered the vignette app on my droid and if you follow me on twitter you've probably seen these images i've been posting these last few days. not the same but fun nonetheless!

- added more glass dreamcatcher jewelry to the shop. this one is my favorite so far.
- package from tracy of prismofthreads vintage. i had to have this gorgeous batik print dress from indonesia!
- today i had planned to shoot the photos for these shredded scarves i keep talking about. but thanks to painters outside my second story kitchen window, that failed. maybe tomorrow?!


make make make ///

... some proof i'm getting things made around here! ...

- huge chunky cream scarf that i'm excited to finish. i tend to take up knitting projects in the fall and i'm happy that i might actually finish this one before it's cold enough to wear. also, never thought i was a fan of thick, woolly yarn before but it rules.

- suede box braid for Stephen's old wire wrap pendant he gave me. when i first met him he was wearing this on a hemp necklace. gem wraps are really popular within our music scene... at first i wasn't a fan of the way they look, but have grown to appreciate them a whole bunch.

- bulletin board created for the studio. i know its going to make huge difference being able to tack up inspirations, lists, etc.

- tie dyed leather cord. hoping to use this with some jewelry pieces.

- glass and fiber dream catchers. i've been making a few everyday lately. just listed two... here and here. expect to see more variations on these for necklaces and earrings soon!

- shredded scarves will be re-photographed this week. four new styles and some new colors! i'm trying to convince myself i can update the shop before i leave on sunday. let's see how it goes...


Asheville, part 4 : Allie's space.

Inside this little cabin, one of my best girlfriends Allie has made home over these past few months. Not too long ago she left her corporate job to pursue art making full time. Creating posters and live paintings to sell at festivals this past summer, she has successfully started to make a name for herself as Azura.

Her website is under construction but please go check out works on her facebook page...
I'm so proud of you girlfriend!


Asheville, part 3 : Halls Seven Acres.

 While in Asheville last week we stayed on the property that our great friends from the band Papadosio rent. 20 minutes from downtown and just far enough off a main road, I fell in love with this place. A main house, cabin, two ponds and tons of little touches around the property give it great character.

Previously owned by the Halls family, the plaque pictured reads:

To whom it may concern: 
Greetings. These peaceful surroundings created by God in the beginning, were established as a private park May 1, 1958, by J.L. Hall and family. Through awareness and need many projects were developed with deep thought and physical effort. Dedicated to prosperity for conservation of nature, wildlife, recreation, and mutual enjoyment. Consistent with their sincere wishes, hence-forth.


a to do list:

paint a bench in an interesting color palette.
start our own aquarium.
create a nostalgic framed photo grid.
go to Denmark and walk this architectural rainbow panorama.

Asheville, part 2 : downtown...

Amazing crystal shops (1 and 2), a bead store equipped with an overwhelming amount of supply plus a comfy fireplace area and fish tank, a wood crafters dream and the mouthwatering fancy "chocolate lounge" ...