Easter Sunday.

Spring is in full swing and it seems like a great time to share our happy kitchen here on the blog...

Stephen worked hard building our new island over the past few weeks and I couldn't be more thrilled with it. We are waiting for some vintage style stools to arrive in the mail. Bright yellow!

I have added a new glass hanging vase set (try not to judge my dirty window display!) to my site and will have a lot of new spring things coming this week. You'll notice my online shop has changed. Word press just started to feel too finicky and Big Cartel's layout is really great. 

I've got some serious spring fever and would love to start blogging regularly again. 
I spend so much time at home, it feels nice to share my little world with you all.
Happy Easter Sunday!


spring, please.

Even though the weather can't make up it's mind lately, the abundance of daffodils all over the yard give me hope. 
It's so nice to sit down at the torch and not have to make ten million rings.
As things bloom, I think I will mimic them in glass...

Last week I posted an instagram of this glass daisy ring and got a wonderful response.
I have made a new version that is available here.



 This past week ended with incredible news from Penland School of Crafts
I have received a full scholarship to study glass this summer! 

I will be learning with Jennifer Umphress in her lampworking class,
Sealife through Borosilicate Glass. 

SO excited to take time away from the home studio and create in a shared space again!

(here are some photos I took during our visit to Penland in 2011) 


FAB # 2

- Urban Revisions Fab.com sale is live -
It's been half a day and we're running out of some colors. Feeling so grateful and inspired!


making glass rainbows

My second Fab.com sale is launching in a few days!

Friends have always told me I should make clusters available in every color. I am not necessarily drawn to every color in the rainbow but I think variety is important. A Fab sale seemed like a great opportunity for this - especially because their customer base is so bold and fun.

The "primary" and "secondary" rings are most exciting to me. 
Especially the layered blue, red and yellow. When the light hits just right, it creates a whole spectrum of color.

Several of these styles will not be available on my own site (red, orange, green & primary).
So if you really love something, please grab it!

See the preview and shop the sale starting 3/13 here....
ps - there will be matching dot earrings :)