The Makers Project.

I think Jennifer Causey's new shoot with Shabd is the best yet.
Her work space looks so wonderful. Especially the dots of color of the floor...


Pinterest =


I signed up when it first came out but somehow got overwhelmed immediately. Got back into it a couple days ago and I gotta say, I'm addicted. Pretty much everything I've pined or re-pinned thus far are images I've seen before (or something similar). The majority of my time online is spent image browsing and countless times I've cursed myself because I can't remember an image source. Also, the organization surely beats the "inspiration" folder on my desk top. It's a terrible mess.

Basically, I heart my Pinterest account and the sampling of images above.
(...and to think I only started tweetin' a few weeks ago. I gotta stay on the ball over here...)


{->>> fishies

A couple weekends ago was Stephen and I's one year anniversary. We drove up to Baltimore to get out Richmond for a few days. I had been wanting to go to the aquarium for some time so we made a weekend out of it... ate lots of seafood, walked around the harbor and spent many hours googly-eyeing fish (especially the jellies!). Overall, I'm not sure the aquarium is worth the price... especially on a weekend when there's a million cute little children squeezing and climbing on top of you to get in front of a tank. Although if I lived near by, I would really enjoy regular visits when it's less busy. I've always found sea life so calming.
A few more photos on flickr.

This all reminds me of this beautiful video I found a few years back...
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium



_spring-full studio_

Finding myself especially drawn to pastel color palettes and girly things lately. 
Tomorrow is the first day of spring and it's so obvious while hanging out in my studio...

- Some favorite cluster rings. I don't have any more of this glass (yet) so I can't bare to list them. Love them too much.
- Shades of shreds. I've been getting pieces together for a new photo shoot.
- Window sill. The little bowl is made by Daniella
- Silk top I thrifted and tie dyed. 
- New to me, last season sandals that I'm a little obsessed with. 
- Dyed scraps and Essie colors to match. 
- I've been making daisy chains with my friend Emily. Makes me feel like I'm 10 years old again :)


Gem Show Treasures! Part 2...

These beauties are definitely what I was most excited to bring home from Tucson. I purchased two flats of 24, each came with an area and name description from India. Some will be given to friends and others are being incorporated into some new Urban Revisions product photography I've been working on. 
More images on flickr


more moss >>>

Just listed in the shop...

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(I know, I know... I'm terribly late joining the party.)


< glass from the past >

Speaking of spring time and glass making anticipation, I was going through old photo folders today and thought these projects would be nice to share. All of these were created around this time last year during my class with Emilio Santini (who was by far my favorite teacher during undergraduate). 

I regret not getting better pictures of the flower/shredded fabric installation. The warm hue and lack of detail doesn't really show it's worth. The dirt inside the mushroom box was fresh out of the ground when I took these pictures. It hung in my old apartment for many months while the dirt dried but I took it apart recently to pack. I have tons more glass mushrooms left over from similar projects. They're so perfect for sticking in garden beds and flower pots. Reminder to self - buy plants!

ps - I've moved the entire Cool Tones Necklace collection to the SALE section. 30% off!


Just discovered this Japanese clothing label, Lyricis M via Butter + Brass.

I can not stress enough how ready I am for spring this year. For now I'm going to live through images like these for another month while Richmond tries to start blooming. 
In good news though, I bought the kiln I need for lamp working. Surely, making glass will lift my spirit soon...