= summertime tie dye =

My new projects, the tie dye tote and treasure pouch necklaces are now in the SHOP! I must admit, while it was exciting to finish and photograph these yesterday, it was just as exciting to put them away afterwards. I only made 8 totes and 4 pouches but I'm so tired of looking at the fabric. I get this way about stuff I'm making a lot (especially knitting projects) and I have to keep reminding myself, it will be new to all of you! I hope somebody will like them. I enjoyed figuring out how to make the tote bag reversible with no seams exposed and the pouch necklace came about after I made these. Several people told me they would love to keep crystals inside, so here you go :) I'll be able to make several more of those if they sell.

We are heading out the door to Electric Forest (!!!) tonight and will be back from our travels this time next week. Anything that sells between now and then will ship as soon as I get home. Once we are back I'm going to be working towards getting my shredded scarf styles back in the shop!


Ilana Kohn dresses > > >

Ilana had been taking a leave of absence from her blog for many months while in grad school. She's recently back and sewing up a storm!
This Multi Ikat Lizzie Dress is sooo pretty. I am seriously in love with the fabric and the maxi length is wonderful. So inspiring! I need to find some fabric stores around Richmond that are more unique than your typical Jo-Ann craft store. I wonder if they exist?
Go see the rest of the little summer collection here.


sewing trials...

This past week I've been spending a lot of time working on simple sewing projects. After making the little pouches for the recent jewelry update, I think I got a little sewing machine bug in me. Probably the most easy thing in the world, but I struggled for a whole day just trying to pin something and visualize what it would look like when I turned it inside out. Messed it up twice! Baby steps... eventually I would love to start making dresses. I tie dyed this fabric several years ago and it's just been hanging out looking pretty. Nothing too amazing but I'm hoping to list what I've made in the shop on Monday or Tuesday!  

Also, an exciting collaboration... I've just sent off 32 cluster rings to a graduating Australian fashion student for her final collection. I don't think it will be till the fall but I'm so excited to share her work! It's gorgeous.


flowers, paint, strings and shapes >

Some recent additions to my Pinterest. I need some stairs to adorn with flowers. That would make me so happy if I had to walk up those everyday :)



baby pouches ~

Spent some time yesterday sewing up bits of my hand dyed cotton scraps. Little baby pouches for jewelry shipments! I think they are so cute.
A shop update IS happening on Monday! Included will be the necklaces from this picture along with several more I am finishing up today.


Quirk visit...

Stopped by Quirk Gallery yesterday to drop off some new cluster rings! 
They still have a few of my pieces from last winter including this necklace

Lovely things caught my eye while I was walking around...
- How great are those gimp bracelets? Take me straight back to elementary school.
- The fork bracelets are by Mary Andrews of Contrary! Also a Richmond local.
Shelly Klein is the creator behind the cute drawings in the last photo. Her exhibit is up until June 24th.
 If you find yourself in Richmond soon, go check it out!


big cartel >

I know there are several anti-Etsy shoppers out there in the world so if that happens to be you, check out the Urban Revisions Big Cartel Shop!
Just cluster rings in there for now... simple and sweet.


Waka > WaKA > WAKA!

Finally finished editing photos from Waka! There's more on flickr...

We've been home for a week and I'm just now getting back into the flow of things. It's always hard to get back to work after spending 4 full days outdoors with live music, beautiful surroundings and amazing people. All I've wanted to do is go hang at the river and buy plants for our house.
Oh, and plan our next festie = Electric Forest!


crystals _ or _ bust.

Remember how I mentioned Stephen and I were going quartz mining on the way to Wakarusa last week? Yeah, that was a bust. After driving two hours out of the way, we found ourselves deep in the woods staring at Arrowhead Crystal Mine's closed sign. We could've gone digging somewhere else but it was already late in the afternoon and it just wasn't meant to be. 

All throughout Mount Ida there are shops and stands with locals selling rocks. Each had a ridiculous amount of quartz ( in which they all *claim* they dig up in their own back yards), in addition to pieces shipped from all over the world. Bleh. It was cool to see but I didn't buy anything. We had our heart set on finding our own! At least Stephen got to "mine" in the sandbox for a minute ;)