interstate flowers

Stephen and I have been so busy this season that we haven't had time to explore much of Asheville's amazing gardens. We were out running errands yesterday and spontaneously decided to stop on I - 40. 
If you've ever wanted to pull over and sit in a field of flowers, you totally can!
(even though it may be slightly illegal)


Woolworth Walk

I now have Urban Revisions goods available at Woolworth Walk!
Excited to have my own little space in the Asheville art community.
The case will be replenished every month and there's a bunch of hanging vases (not pictures, above) as well.

lately -

all of a sudden it's about to be summer and i can't believe it.

- charlie's garden has turned magical overnight.
- mornings are spent exploring new blooms over coffee. 
- afternoons are spent making 100s of glass beads. 
- new necklaces styles are plentiful. this one i made Mama for Mother's Day. 
- i am officially obsessed with making chia seed treats. 
- fell in love with this painting at a gallery.
- we bought a new car. rides around town are even more amazing (comfortable).


milky pastels

excited to be working with lots of opaque colors these days!
- now available in the shop -