greenery lately.

My house plant addiction is growing very fast. I love them so much, I gathered a few (yes, there are more) for a group picture. Also, our last rose bloomed out back for the fall.
Maybe I'm weird but I think it looks beautiful in my thrifted science flask.


old and bright

Gotta figure how to create one myself ... could bring a whole new meaning to the gross rug section at the thrift store.


glass progress.

It feels so great to be making progress in the glass studio this past week. 

-  The silver and gold pieces are something I am VERY excited about. 
Just a sneak peek at a new collection ...

-  When I unloaded the kiln this morning, this cluster ring became known as the "magical" cluster ring.
Was not expecting these amazing colors at all!
I will be making a listing in the shop for this style soon.



I've marked a few things on sale in the SHOP!
Select jewelry and shredded shirts, all ready to ship ...


feeling blue.

I've had this indigo kit for over a year now. Finally decided to go for it yesterday and can honestly say, it was the most fun I have had with dye - ever! Stephen had just mowed the yard and the smell of fresh cut grass + the beginning of fall temps... I couldn't have asked for a better day.

In addition to indigo, I am planning on several more natural dye experiments. Next - with berries from our yard! This book has been very helpful in my research so far. I think natural colored shredded scarves will be gorgeous...


a floral statement.

Now available in the shop
... the Glass Flower Ring ...
I had someone make a custom order (based on one of my rings from 2010) and ended up making a whole bunch.


. insta - glass .

It's interesting how I will take the time to stage glass pieces for an instagram shot, yet not go ahead and just use my SLR for better quality... All of these are taken as I unload the kiln, and while I've made these pieces time and time again - there's always something about those first few minutes when the glass has cooled and you can hold the outcome.
Instant satisfaction!


vending LAAFF >>>

The LAAFF fest yesterday was a great way to end the summer. I'm so happy to have the company of local makers. Asheville really is the place to be! So supportive.

Throughout September I will be focusing on new colors and glass techniques. Maybe a little collection in October? The glass tube necklaces above are recent favorites. Will list in the shop later this week...