lilac glass cluster earrings
one-of-a-kind glass dot bead necklaces

new in the SHOP


here and there...

some spring cleaning this week - 
taping Hilary's pretty face all over the studio, 
organizing fibers and dusting my glass flower vase (not an easy task)

spending some quality time torch working - 
will be adding lilac cluster dot earrings to the shop tomorrow!

and lastly - 
what happens when your boyfriend gives you his old, ugly, cream sweater...


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I'm having a Facebook giveaway!
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a good weekend.

Spent the afternoon at the river yesterday - drinking beers, rearranging crystals and climbing trees.
Earlier this evening we checked out the new murals downtown and a big hug mug was presented to me. I find it so amusing and fun because Bre recently thrifted one and I had loved it.




If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you saw preparations earlier this week for RVA Fashion Week's jewelry trunk show at Gallery 5. The night was completely nerve racking for me, as it was my first event like this. I found myself talking to people (probably too much) about how strange it was being face to face. I've been running Urban Revisions 99% behind this computer screen over the past few years and it's time to get out there! I'm working on it ...

Stephen and Corey helped me cut out the necklace displays and funky shapes to lay on the table. I got a lot of comments saying that everything looked very clean - I love that. So, besides the wrinkly tablecloth and U.R. sign (anyone interested in helping me design a logo?), very pleased with the results. 

Met some super sweet ladies too! Rachel Albright of Academy and Pauline Stanley of Rare Bird



The SPRING/SUMMER 2012 lookbook can now be viewed at urban-revisions.com
and purchased in the SHOP!

I am so thrilled to have this completed.
While not everything in the collection is new, and there are still plenty of kinks to worth through... I'm hoping it's a good starting point for producing two cohesive collections a year.


the past week.

I have been working my butt off this past week.
Sending out spring sale orders, shooting and re-shooting SS12 imagery...
All the while - preparing for RVA Fashion Week's Jewelry Trunk Show - taking place this Thursday at Gallery 5.
Would love to see you there!


Pakayla Rae Biehn

I know I've seen these double exposure paintings ... not sure why they didn't speak to me before - but early this morning I stumbled upon them again (via Meighan) and fell in love. Must be because this spring has been one of the most inspiring seasons in a long time. Everything is gorgeous to my eyes lately...


making room for new --->

All one of a kind shredded shirts in the shop are now 20% off! 
(scarves are still 30% off)
Have started shooting the new collection with a few set backs, my goal for the shop update is Tuesday the 17th... crossing fingers.



I have been talking for months and months about how badly I want an iPhone. Most importantly because they are the best, but also because I have desperately wanted to participate in instagraming. Well, the app became available yesterday for Android. Not only do I get to procrastinate and stare at my phone even more (kidding! though true), I feel completely ok with waiting on the iPhone 5 (and it's amazing camera) to come out.

My first instagram is exciting...
The new collection in it's entirety (aaalmost), ready to be shot tomorrow and Friday!

(ps - those shreds are all piled up... 6 tees and 6 scarves!)