woop woop!

So excited to see my latest treasury on Etsy's front page today.
Don't you love the shimmery "Forever" banner? How about that teepee for kiddos? So cute.
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Quirk Gallery here in Richmond is a fun space located right in the middle of the popular First Friday art walks. Along with a rotating gallery, they carry a wonderful array of eclectic wears and gadgets. I stopped by before Christmas to show them some of my glass jewelry pieces and I'm stoked to have several on display and for sale now in their shop.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of all the pieces (they have a set of earrings and more necklaces). I've been meaning to get over there again before our move but time has gotten away from me! If you're in Richmond or passing through, definitely go say hi - they have a wonderful gallery in the back and tons of "quirky" things to enjoy. I'm planning to send them some shredded scarves for spring as well!

PS - see that round cluster pendant? It's pretty big! Expect it's little sister in the shop soon ;)

new sleeps

In my last move, I sold my Ikea Malm bed frame... we were thinking about buying a new one in LA but we've decided to build our own. I love Ikea with all my heart but some of their pieces just aren't worth it. If we take our time, I think we can come up with something half the cost that will last forever. Stephen's really excited, he's been researching places to get our hands on recycled woods and exotic overlays with beautiful grains.

This piece from Etsy is created from recycled steel and reclaimed wood from an 1880's whiskey distillery.


willow knows.

Early yesterday I happened to stumble upon this lovely new vintage shop willow knows.
I included her gorgeous skirt and oxfords (first picture) in a treasury then received an email back... I hadn't realized but JL currently lives in Charlottesville, VA and is also a Vcu graduate. She spent some time here on the good ol' blog and found even more we had in common (hi lady!). 
I love how the internet makes the world so small.



Is Christina a beauty, or what?! I love this picture.
She's wearing Shredded Scarf No. 2.

treasuries galore

Created a million or so collections lately. It's getting kind of ridiculous so I'm just going to post a little re-cap of them every so often... now if only Etsy could figure a way for their sellers to curate the Etsy finds emails, I'd be all for it!
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 These are completely lounge worthy. They feel like pajamas but you could totally wear them out.
They've still got the sheer shredded look going on... can you imagine one with a belt around the middle? Cute. 

Listed in the one of a kind section of the shop.



 Congrats to Becky-May!
Hope you love your Urban Revisions giveaway goodies.
 Loving your vintage style! I think you will do great with a second-hand shop :)
Thanks so much to all the sweet gals that entered. It's great to see that the blog actually gets some traffic!
Happy weekend to you all :)



We've started an official countdown around here. 15 days! Yikes, the move is really starting to feel real. I've been trying to get so much done before I pack up shop... new designs, photo shoots, a few more pieces for local Richmond shops. Jan modeled Shredded Scarf No. 1 for me yesterday and I've got a lot more beautiful images to post soon. I'm going to miss having all my ladies around to pose for me. None of them are "models", they are *real* women that I know and love. An important attribute to Urban Revisions, I think. Change is good though and I'm excited about the prospect of a big city bringing me tons of exposure to women wanting their picture taken. I haven't looked at modelmayhem.com yet for the area, but I'm sure it's flooded in Los Angeles.

Don't forget - I choose a winner for the cluster ring and scarf giveaway tomorrow!


Monika Wyndham

I can't remember how I discovered Monika's website but I've had it bookmarked for a while. She's currently the special projects manager for Aritzia and creates store installations. This spring she has a line with them called A Moveable Feast
What an amazing job, seriously. Her work is amazing, I'm all about it! 


.long sleeve love.

I uploaded this new long sleeve shredded tee to the shop recently. 
I tagged it with "Valentines Day"... it's suiting, I think?


The treasury I made yesterday made it to Etsy's front page a couple hours ago. 
Naturally, I had to re-post it here. This one was a lot of fun to make! 

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As announced yesterday, I'm doing my first blog giveaway! 
In celebration of Urban Revisions two year anniversary today.
The image above is me and unless you know me personally, you're probably unfamiliar with my look. Until recently I made silly assumptions and convinced myself that I shouldn't include my dreadlocks in images related to the shop... that some people's misunderstanding about dreads might influence whom they thought they were purchasing from (i.e. believing it is a dirty hairstyle *though it is not*). However! Along with Urban Revisions anniversary, it is almost my locks day to celebrate as well. On the 9th, I will have been growing these babies for 5 years. It's been amazing to watch them grow and form. I can't wait for the California sun to lighten them up in a few weeks.

I know people read this blog but I'm not entirely sure who you are. So, who are you?! Leave me a comment and let me know - along with your email address. I want to send one of you beautiful people a glass cluster ring and a shredded scarf in the color of your choice - gray, lilac, rose or sage. 
I'll chose a winner next Friday the 16th!

ps - while you're at it... become a facebook fan?


in the beginning...

I've been slaving over some ridiculous image organization this morning. My external hard drive has seen some serious dumps over the last two years and I've avoided tidying it up till now. I'm barely through it all, but discovering some gems along the way! 

This is the first shirt I ever shredded. Right when the craze started popping off on all the fashion blogs and I was obsessed. Immediately obsessed! Created around the beginning of 2009 along with several other shady looking shreds...  shortly after, I would open Urban Revisions. Man, has the technique come a long way since then. 

Tomorrow will be my two year anniversary of selling on Etsy. 
I will be announcing my first ever blog giveaway! Stay tuned my friends :) 



Cari just uploaded some more images of herself wearing Urban Revisions.
The blue color looks beautiful on her. I especially love the shot on the stairs.
Check out the full set on her flickr stream...



3 treasury posts in one day?
Swore I wouldn't do it again but look at this stuff!

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New shredded shirt style in the shop today!


OK! one more :)
I go through stages where I make LOTS of treasuries within a short period of time.
Usually I try to not bombard my blog with them all but this one felt too perfect not to post...

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Some peaceful finds for the new year. 
I think this treasury may have been inspired by visiting Arizona.

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