- summer is here -

Stephen had several days off this past weekend so we drove to Virginia Beach for a few days, then a friends combined graduation / 21st birthday party on the York river. It was great to get away for a few days. I've been keeping myself cooped up in the house too much since the weather turned nice.

The cluster ring pictured at the beach above was a happy accident. I thought I was making one of these but somehow got translucent yellow mixed with my clear glass. The combination with lilac is so nice. The picture doesn't do it justice but take my word for it, the sunshine loves these colors together!
This week is full of work... having a good time preparing new pieces for the shop update. I'm thinking second week in June now but I'm not stressing it. Will post some progress pics soon.
This coming weekend we're embarking on a much more serious road trip!
Summertime is official here.


Lawn Party said...

im so jealous of your beach time!!!

Claire M. said...

Getting jealous! I wish I can go to beach this summer :)

Claire M.