Been adding a few new listings in the SHOP everyday. Showing more color way examples ...


lady decor

you know, just daydreaming about the home we don't have yet
no big deal - steve would never let me have a gold dresser or pink ombre stairs anyway ...
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mountain talk.

Just got home from a little trip down to Asheville, NC. We are planning a move there later this summer and while I hate to jinx myself - this one is much more feasible than our California move attempt (some of you may remember). Plus it's much closer to friends and family. One day we'll end up on the beach but for now, it's time to get out of Richmond and into the mountains.

We took a little hike around Dupont State Forest one afternoon and I managed to snap some photos. 

Last summer I did some blog posts about our first trip to Asheville  : 12,  3,  4 and 5


this past week ...

- The Locavore Expo in Charlottesville last weekend went so well, I only had time to take two photos! It was a perfect sunny day and people were in awe over glass clusters reflecting in the light. I still have the lilac cluster drop earrings pictured above if anyone is interested.

- Sunday and Monday were spent shredding shredding shredding. The lovely ladies behind the gorgeous jewelry brand Bohobo Collective, headed off to Alabama to vend at The Hangout Music Festival this weekend. I sent along an Urban Revisions pastel rainbow of circle scarves and a box full of cluster rings. Seriously so sweet of them to include my work in their set-up!

- I've been tie dying like crazy getting samples made for listings in the shop showing marble dye examples. The shredded scarf no. 6 pictured above with the crystals is my "multi" color way.

- Lastly, I am super obsessed with making beads now. I have been wearing the new glass cluster chunk necklace constantly...


 Just stumbled upon Gabriella Zamora's Etsy shop Golondrina.
Simple, elegant and effortless.
Love these silhouettes.



This past week has been all about prepping for the Locavore Expo event in Charlottesville this Saturday!
In addition to jewelry, I will have a full rack of shredded scarves and t-shirts for sale - all color coded with my pastel obsession. Items listed in the shop may be a lot brighter these days but I still can't stay away from mint, lilac, baby pinks and blues...

Come hang! I will be set up on the downtown mall from 9am - 2pm. There will be food!

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silly scarves.

Towards the end of our shooting for Spring / Summer 2012 - Hilary and I tried our best to come up with multiple ways to photograph my shredded scarves. 20 minutes of running around on the hot roof and trying to find the right light - all the while simultaneously throwing shreds in the air and trying to keep a straight face. It quickly resulted in us feeling super silly and weird...  so Hil piled every scarf on as cowl and pretended to take a nap.

ps - i've marked all the OOAK shredded shirts down *even more* in the SALE section.
go check it out