down by the river...


Another beautiful friend! Christina modeled Shredded T-Shirt No. 12 for me last week. Not a new style or anything but the old photos for this item never seemed right to me. We went down to one of my favorite spots on Belle Isle. You can see a little of downtown Richmond in this shot!

Gift Guide! (aka - things I want but can not have)...

Twinkle Pendant Rainbow Drusy Necklace by Dolly Bird Design


                                                 Duffle Bag in Dinosaur Taupe Nubuck Leather by Rennes

Titanium Quartz Cluster Leather Headband by Gather Jewelry

Self Similar - Fine Art Print by Brandi Strickland

The Wanderer Scarf by Scout & Catalogue

This is my little attempt at a holiday gift guide. I am forever grateful when bloggers include Urban Revisions in their own guides so here is a little love from me. Our move date is approaching rapidly so I really shouldn't accumulate any more things - though I still want to own everything here!

All of these items are created by kind and talented women, all in which I am pleased to have met through Etsy :)


Preview: The Cool Tones Collection

Finally finished this series! 
Dark toned colored glass paired with iridescent brown and lilac fibers.
Stay tuned for more pictures and listing updates over the next few days.

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Etsy is supporting a huge Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale this weekend.
I've decided to participate and start early!
Head over to the shop and get your discount :)



So excited to share this with you all! 
Need Supply Co. here in Richmond has picked up my cluster ring. I've been shopping at Need since I was in middle school (long before they expanded online) so you can imagine my happiness when they contacted me with an order. 

Things are shaping up around here - a website is in the works... debut after Christmas? We shall see. 


< beautiful brick >

My gorgeous friend Sheen rocking Shredded Scarf No. 1 in blue.
While shooting I didn't realize the blue tones in the brick behind her. Perfect photo incidents. Always make me happy :) 



Is anyone sick of seeing these yet? I took some new photos today and I think they look much better!
Listed here and here.




Shot my girlfriend Brandy yesterday. A growing trend, the feathers in her hair are long lasting with a hair extension clip. Maybe you've heard of Feather Luxe? They are currently based in Denver Colorado. This past summer I had the pleasure of meeting Ysabel Blu at Wakarusa music festival in Arkansas. By the end of the festival season, all of my gang (even the occasional boy) had some feathers in our hair. Pretty!

Brandy is wearing my T-Shirt No. 3 in Lilac...


sweet babies

Just stumbled upon via a random livejournal post and I had to re-post here!
This just makes my heart melt.

" The Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara, CA caused these two to take shelter together. The fawn is 3 days old and the bobcat about 3 weeks. The fawn came from somewhere in the fire and the bobcat from Carpentaria. They immediately bonded and snuggled together under a desk in the Santa Barbara County Dispatch Office for several hours. "


Cari wears UR...

You guys all know Cari from her flickr photostream "yyellowbird", right? 
If not, definitely go check her out - she creates lovely self portraits while exploring abandoned structures.
This past summer she got her hands on some of my tees and today started an Urban Revisions flickr set



The only think on my brain for the past week, my glass cluster rings. Apparently Nylon is thinking about them too... 


rock candy

I've had a truly wonderful response to the cluster rings thanks to the ladies of BLEACH BLACK. Especially love the idea that they look like rock candy! Never occurred to me and I looove rock candy. 
Tons of requests for size 7 and of course, that is the size I had the least of. I'm working on it - expect some size 7's by Thursday! 


Preview: Glass Cluster Rings


Mentioned in an earlier post, I recently made a hand full (or should I say fingers full?) of new cluster rings. Various sizes and lots of unique-ness all around. I love making these because each one is completely different from the next. They first came about in the spring but they transition for winter perfectly... kind of ice-like, yeah? If you are interested in a specific ring size, let me know and I'll put it aside :) 
Uploading to Urban Revisions tomorrow.


-denim and tie dye-


Recently uploaded to ArlieFindsVintage... a bleached, cropped and comfy Ralph Lauren jean jacket. Old school!

Also, a new UrbanRevisions No. 5 tee - tie dyed a dusty pink, blue and purple....


Peachy Pink


Carly recently bought a shredded shirt from the shop. I think she looks beautiful in this color and the scenery behind her looks wonderful!