I've officially quit day dreaming about having my own lamp working set-up.
This brand new (shiny!) Carlisle torch has arrived and is currently residing on the shelf in my studio looking pretty. My goal is to have it up and and running by April. Still have to acquire a steel table, kiln, hoses, oxygen, propane, tools... it's quite the investment but I'm aching to play with glass at every hour of the day. All my jewelry pieces have been made in shared studio spaces - and while being around other creative people is a must... being able to jump out of bed when I can't fall asleep and make a glass -*something* sounds amazing to me.

ps - the glass flowers are left over from projects I did in school, sadly the one to the right was much bigger but broke in our recent move.

- back to the future -

I've been seeing this project by photographer Irina Werning getting tons of buzz all over the internet these last few weeks.
I had to re-post anyway, it's just that good!
See more here.


colorful clusters!

Listing these little guys in the shop today and tomorrow.
Only one of each, so what you see is what you get!
(5 and 6 in size...)


recent FPs

 View/Browse here.
View/Browse here.
Two of my recent front page treasuries and a lot of new favorite sellers.
 Can you all tell that I'm ready for spring?


/pastel pile/

A very spring-y order heading out in the post today!
These tees along with some scarves will be for sale at the boutique Kosa - located at 502 Warren St, Hudson New York.


AZ continued...

The rest of my stay in Arizona after the gem show was beautiful and sunny. Mom and I drove up to the town "Carefree" one afternoon where we walked around a bright and funky southwestern shop and talked about whether the people living there were actually care free all the time. Driving through the Tonto National Forest made me regret not taking more pictures back in December of the Saguaros in Tucson. The cacti were much less impressive near Phoenix. The Bartlett Reservoir was really cool and peaceful though...

a few more on flickr


_pretty lady_

I'm loving her Yaya skirt.. and feeling extremely jealous of the Santa Monica weather captured.



Excited about this one and working towards a similar style but in maxi length.
 wear as a ...halter - tube - cowl - skirt...


experiments in wasting time

 In between unpacking and pondering over my new apartment today, 
I have found Alyson Provax's Time Wasting Experiment via Alison, via the Etsy Blog.
Relating and enjoying it immensely... time and thinking has been a interesting struggle as of lately.


gem! show!

Just a small sampling of what I tried to capture at the Tucson gem show. I can't even begin to describe to you all how extremely crystally overwhelmed I was. And we only went to one of the venues! These photos don't even begin to show what all was there, I just couldn't grasp looking, holding, talking, buying AND taking pictures at the same time. It was so hard to choose but I came home with some truly amazing pieces. I'm stoked to share with you all and I've got some big ideas rolling around in my head to use them in a new collection for the shop. 
A few more photos in my Arizona flickr set... 

ps - I'm back in Richmond and we found a temporary apartment. Moving in today! Maybe it was meant to be, we will be living two blocks away from some of our very favorite friends. Also, double plus - I will have a perfect front porch for lamp working some new glass jewelry


past due, Arizona...

I took all of these images during my trip to Arizona over Christmas... a visit to the Desert Museum and the Grand Canyon. I told myself I would start taking more pictures this year and attempt to blog more about my everyday... obviously I'm already behind but oh well, these pictures are still fun! I flew back out here yesterday to come visit my mom and I think seeing cacti again gave me an extra shove to post these. We will be checking out the Gem Show tomorrow. I'm itching to get my hands on some sweet rocks. You all can definitely expect a photo update showing off all the massive gems I'm about to see and wish I could tote back to Virginia.

Also, check out my somewhat new flickr account. I've been in an organizing mood lately... trying to compile all my past work and start a photo diary of sorts to link here.


a Richmond surprise...

Thanks to the ladies of Quirk Gallery, my lilac cluster ring is featured in Richmond's Belle magazine for February. One of my shredded scarves was featured in their December issue, but this month came as a surprise. Definitely made my day better!


)... leaf earrings ...(

These earrings have been listed for a while but I decided to re-shoot them being worn.
Find three sets here within the glass jewelry section of Urban Revisions...

a change of plans

I know you all (my few 100 or so lovely blog readers) are going to expect a post soon with a sunny update from The Golden State. 
Unfortunately, I'm taking a few minutes here to tell you our plans have changed...
This past Saturday we were packed and ready when - at the very last minute - we found ourselves dealing with a situation here in Richmond. Everyone is healthy and safe, though our cross country move to California has been postponed indefinitely. My current task at hand is finding a new, temporary home/studio where I can continue my work with Urban Revisions and find new inspiration. I must admit, I've lost interest in this town and was incredibly excited to experience fresh places and new ideas on the west coast. I am more bummed than you can possibly imagine, though this is life and I trust it always works out. I have stacks of new photos and plans waiting for the shop. We'll see, I'm hoping to just dive right back in when the time feels right.

Not trying to get overly emotional over here but I happened to watch the video above over the weekend. Via Design For Mankind, the music is beautiful and the colored smoke, wonderfully executed. I don't know how else to describe it but I can honestly say that when it came to an end I felt calm and somewhat understood in this current jumbled brain of mine.