uno mas

Thinking this may be the best location for Urban Revisions photos yet... the backyard looked pretty cool but the simplicity of these is so much better I think. I am stoked about the colors I have been using lately... much more subdued and more my style. Someone in Laguna Beach bought the lilac scarf today (next post down)! Yay :) 


new new new

Slowly adding more items to the store today and this weekend... 


I am so HAPPY with this new design. Gorgeous, right? 
Took me a lifetime to shred. There are countless ways to wear it...
This one is a custom (thanks Chelsie!) but I am going to list it in the shop for made to order. 



I am a proud winner of this wonderful leather pouch made by the talented Julia at Rennes le Chateau. I have been in awe of her handbags for months so I was thrilled to find out I won her blog giveaway! Can not wait to get it... 

Check her out on Etsy - she is currently the featured seller



The wonderful Diane and myself recently did a trade on Etsy. She sent me a beautiful hand-made clutch for a Urban Revisions shirt

Here is a gorgeous picture she posted on her blog of her modeling my design... she made those leggings too! I don't understand the majority of her writings since she is french! But her pictures are so beautiful to look at that it doesn't even matter...

Fresh Photos

Brought some new imagery to old looks over the weekend! 


In Print!

One of my good friends at school (Virginia Commonwealth University) works for the school magazine - INK. They were nice enough to use my photographs of Urban Revisions and make me the featured artist for the May issue - and the cover art! I think it looks pretty tight... 


Delicate Tea

I am so happy with the new tea stain scarf! The color is really gorgeous - I have to admit the photographs do not do it justice.


Pale Tea

Currently drying in my backyard... 
Look at these beautiful tea stains I made today!
These came out a beautiful light - pinkish/tan color. 
Can't wait to shred... keep a look out for some scarves and maybe a dress or two made from this batch in the shop!