☼ getting some rays ☼

Tomorrow I'm flying to Mexico for a Mayan Holidaze vaca with my best girlfriends!
Perfect timing for sun rays and good music before dreaded February - in my opinion, the worst month of the year.
I'll be able to check email and Etsy once a day, so I'm leaving the shop open.
(beautiful sunsets above : Eric Cahan)


new shreds ///

 A few one of a kind dyes and various sizes...
It's been nice to start shredding tees again. When I stopped creating them last spring I had felt burnt out on the process and pretty shot down by some rough criticism received from the internet fashion sphere.
It's a new year and I really am trying to care less what people think and just do what I do.
Check them out here!



... a few days late ... 

This year I plan to :
- go beautiful places
- meet wonderful people 
- spend less time online
- keep a sketch book again
- stop stressing about Urban Revisions
... and just do what feels right.