sale forever?

So I realize I've been having a sale for a while. Maybe too long? I've been feeling super generous this summer though and as of this morning I decided I might be getting sick of pastels. Or at least the color palette I've been dying cotton with for these past two years. Time to switch it up and order new dyes. I thought I might continue to make new designs out of all this fabric but really, I just need to get rid of it and start fresh. 
So once again, more SALE items now in the shop. Shoot me a message if you have a color and size in mind for something.
I'll shred whatever until I run out of everything!


* Giveaway *

Added some lilac overlay on pastel cluster rings yesterday and loved the way they turned out - I want to give one away! Leave a comment with your name and email and tell me what you've been up to this summer. I'll pick a random person on Monday and send you a ring in the color (mint, baby pink or lavender) and size of your choice.

Also: I'm having a free shipping sale in the shop now through August! 
Enter coupon code FREESHIP11 during check out.... 
(US domestic orders only)


.sample sample sample.

Still finding samples around here... 
All shredded tees (excluding long sleeves) are now $30.00! 


kind craft.

A few things I've acquired so far on our summer travels... 

- Beautiful and intricate wrap skirt woven by a traditional artisan in Guatemala. 
I find Justa fair trade practices very admirable... 

- Turquoise embellished moccasins created by the small team behind Tread Light Gear. I did a trade with them a while back for their Maori sandals and had been day dreaming about their mocs ever since. I still need to wear them in a bit but they are already the most wonderful feeling shoes I own. Still wishing I had taken some pictures of their booth at Electric Forest. The variety of styles and craftsmanship in person was so impressive.

- From kind people I met at Wakarusa
Mount Ida quartz crystals gifted to me at after I told a local about our mining bust and thanks to a pretty lady whose name I can't recall, a resin spoon containing an Arkansas wildflower.


it's "ALL GOOD"

 All Good was the first music festival I ever attended and loved, and although I had my doubts these last few years as it's size increased drastically - camping VIP at the top of the main stage hill this time around proved successful. The line-up was perfect and the sound quality? Amazing. I love my festival family... each time we come home from a weekend of camping, I day dream a little more about moving to the country with friends.

More photos in my Festivals 2011 Flickr set ......

All of our hearts go out to Nicole Miller and her family - a 20 year old woman who lost her life on the mountaintop early Sunday morning due to a truck that lost control on a hill side. In it's 15 years, All Good has never faced such an innocent tragedy. We all need to cherish every moment we have. ♥ ♥ 


rock candy for your fingers >>>

I didn't find time to list any new items in the shop before All Good but I did make a bunch of new cluster rings to sell on the mountaintop. 
We will have a three week break till our next fest once we're home and it's going to be full of shredding cotton. I've received a lot of convos lately asking if I'll bring the t-shirts back into the shop anytime soon. The answer is yes! But I'm not rushing it at all. I want the new wears to be really unique. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Electric Forest part 3: bright and happy.

The most important part pictured, happy faces and places from every afternoon at EF.
It's been a week since we left Michigan and we're just about the hit the road again. Thanks to our kind friends and the ring box pictured in this post, we've conjured up two VIP tickets to ALL GOOD festival in West Virginia for this coming Thursday.
Every weekend full of beautiful people and live music? Fine by me.

ps - I *think* I may be adding a few things to shop before we go... fingers crossed.


Electric Forest part 2: at night...

 There's really not much to say about these woods except you should go next year, get lost for hours and see for yourself. Walking through the Sherwood Forest at night mind-boggles everyone in a different way. All of these images were taken on the two main paths which lead off in many directions towards interactive installations involving light and sound.

A really cool connection was made the last day we were there involving Stephen and I meeting the person responsible for the triangle (come to find out, entitled the "Whompilator") in the second to last photo. We were hanging out in the artist lounge one afternoon with our friends from Papadosio (I have to throw that in there cause they are amazing... *and so was the artist lounge pool*) and a guy came up to Stephen and asked if he remembered him. Come to find out, his name is Brian Pinkham and they went to high school together. He plays a heavy role in the artist collab Photonic Bliss, responsible for making some seriously badass light installations! If you don't already know, my Stephen makes LED hula hoops under the name LEDCreations on Etsy. He and Brian, never having really communicated in high school found themselves connected in so many ways at once. The forest felt really small and powerful all of a sudden, it was a pretty amazing thing to witness. I'm sure their paths will cross again.

On a related note, Papadosio is putting on their festival Rootwire in Logan, Ohio - this August 4th. It's going to be an amazing family gathering of artistic people. I'm so excited to attend. Stephen has been working on a project for that weekend - double dutch jump ropes with LEDs inside! Could quite possibly be too cool for school...


Electric Forest part 1: sampling of the Sherwood Forest...

Electric Forest this past week was undoubtedly the most amazing festival I have attended in my 4 years of festie travels. Many friends of ours (new and old) were able to join efforts in a large camping area that made the perfect home for four days in between four stages of music, the illuminated by night and relaxing by day - Sherwood Forest, incredible artwork, vendors, a badass water park (!) and many more aspects of the JJ Ranch venue that I never expected.

We took many pictures but there was no way we could capture everything in it's glory. For now I want to share with you all the Reincarnation installation created inside the forest. The team who made it travel to different venues and volunteer prior to events - scoring the land for scrap metal, objects and natural elements. At all different parts of the day, this installation took on new life. I captured small bits of it the second day we were there, a little after I had woken up and the flowers had been laid down. It had just rained and the dew and the silence I experienced at this time are something I will never forget. 

Docufest did an amazing job covering the fest in four parts. Here is part four which shares a little bit of above:

I'll be adding more photos to my flickr and here on the blog soon.
Just wait till you see the forest at night ... :)