a glittering riverbed...

 We found a swimming hole named Sunburst near home this past weekend. You can't tell but the river bed is completely glitter-fied with mica particles. And I recently learned that mica is compatible with glass, so we are going to have to do some mica hunting for bigger pieces sometime...


pyramids + custom white glass

Ashley of ABJglassworks and I did a trade recently and I couldn't be more happy with my pyramid boxes! They look gorgeous displayed on my dresser. Thought I might use them for vending Urban Revisions but just can't fathom the idea of one breaking!

I placed a custom glass jewelry set inside for these photos. Later today they are traveling to a wonderful lady in Japan. 

Check out this incredible lamp! Ashley will make them available this fall/winter ... 


- feeling Rootwire -

We spent all of last week in Logan, Ohio for Rootwire. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take many photos. Shooting while vending is proving to be very difficult!

This gathering is so very dear to my heart.
To everyone in attendance, Happy Rootwire! Love you all.

Check out my blogpost from last years festival for more photos ...


Urban Revisions x A Ring To It

I recently sent Chris some Urban Revisions jewelry and was super pleased in discovering her beautiful blog post. Even though I blanked on her ears not being pierced - she turned the glass cluster earrings into a boot accessory and I think it's badass! 

Check out A Ring To It - this girl has some serious style.


1 down, 1 to go ...

Gnarnia was a success! Somehow I've found the time to post these pictures real quick as we are literally home for 24 hours before heading back out for Rootwire!

I couldn't be more pleased to have shared space with my girlfriends of Bohobo Collective all weekend. We had so much fun playing dress up and acting silly in between rain storms and late night music sets. Beech Mountain resort is a really interesting place to host a festival. Unfortunately I didn't have time to explore many areas ... like The Land of Oz! A theme park at the top of the mountain built in 1970. Based on the book, complete with a yellow brick road and Dorothy's house. So weird and awesome.
Asheville isn't too far though. I think we'll be back. 

Have a wonderful week everyone! xo. 


the other studio.

In addition to the glass studio out back, I've claimed the "office" room at the front of our house. Unfortunately it doesn't get much light, so I lightened these photos a lot. Hopefully I can acquire a large, light colored rug to help with that soon. Ultimately I would love to paint the walls white but there are far more rooms in the house that need wall attention.

We've been here a little over a month now but it feels much less. It's hard trying to feel comfortable in a big space on a small budget but we're getting there. 

In the back of my head I've been contemplating designs for a new collection. Though I don't want to make myself feel pressured to call it fall/winter and rush into it. I've struggled so much with the idea of collections. I'm just going to make some new things and hope people like them.

For the next few weeks we are traveling around with friends to music festivals. First up - Gnarnia at Beech Mountain, NC and then Rootwire in Logan, Ohio. I'll be vending Urban Revisions at both! Come September, I think we will really be able to settle here. The fall is going to be gorgeous in the mountains and I'm really looking forward to it.


The Tumbleweeds ( + a giveaway! )


I came across Doug and Beca's work about a year ago and they have been blowing my mind ever since. Their brand has come such a long way, in such a short time - it's hard not to find them incredibly inspiring. Tumbleweeds Handcraft is a collection of super rad wood veneer sunglasses. I am partial to the styles incorporating turquoise but they are all amazing! Also, for every pair they sell, $1 gets donated to the Save the Manatee Club, Florida.

 Reading Beca's blog puts a huge smile on my face - so humble in her work and supportive of other maker's.
For the next few days, she is hosting an Urban Revisions giveaway
Go enter to win yourself a a pair of glass cluster dot earrings!