official SHOP.

Over the holiday I finished creating my own online shop other than Etsy.

Visit urban-revisions.com and hover over SHOP
 These one of a kind necklaces from the Fall/Winter collection are finally available for purchase!!



My Urban Revisions Fab.com sale is now live!
Check it out HERE.



Happy Holidays from Albuquerque, New Mexico!

An instagram re-cap from this past week...

1. Tiles outside my sister's new home.
2. A glass ornament I made for Mama a few years back.
3. We found Santa while on a day trip to Madrid.
4. Glass gravel. One day when I own my driveway... 
5. Visiting the Georgia O'Keeffe museum in Santa Fe.
6. Turquoise and silver. Everywhere!
7. The best gift. Mama drew this baby self portrait when she was my age. I've always loved it.

Tomorrow we are heading back to our Appalachian mountains. 
So excited to bring in the New Year! I have a good feeling about 2013.


busy times.

The holiday season has been incredibly busy this year. In addition to the usual influx of gift orders, I have been preparing for a Fab.com sale! It will go live shortly after Christmas and include a new glass cluster ring - cobalt blue, along with a few other variations that I haven't sold before. 
So excited! 

In the meantime - tomorrow is the LAST DAY for placing Christmas orders.
Head over to the SHOP and use coupon code SHIPFREE for free shipping! 


UR pretties ///

Such a pretty image in my inbox this morning! 
Can you spot Urban Revisions in Need Supply's current New Years collection?


ready for winter.

I have been waking up much earlier than usual.
Our backyard is magical at 7am. Foggy mountain air and dew covered roses.