I've been making so many of these necklace pouches this summer. So fun since no two are alike. 
Go check them out in the SHOP - 13 total, once they're gone - they're gone!


live what you ♥

I've been cleaning the house like a crazy woman, making fresh squeezed lemonade & watermelon avocado smoothies (taste amaaazing), buying a new plant every time we go to Lowe's (aka every other day), AND - making lots of jewelry for a SHOP update tomorrow!
[ all images via instagram @urbanrevisions ]


INSPIRED - Willow Knows

An incredible lookbook created by Willow Knows in collaboration with Academy Jewelry.
So happy to have made connections with these ladies before I left Richmond. 
You all inspire me to no end!


feels like HOME

 There are so many things to share about this place, it's hard to know where to start...
Built in 1905, it was a farm house located at the bottom of our yard by the creek. In 1950, the main road was put in along with sewage so it got moved up the hill. I'm unsure when the current owners Guy and Sue bought the place, but they raised their daughters here and have left a lasting impression.

Grape vines, apple trees, rose bushes ... the towering Willow tree. The house has been rented for 6 or so years now, and while no one has really kept up with it, there are still some beauties left from Sue's garden. This morning I looked out the kitchen window and realized we have hibiscus trees. Every day something blooms and surprises me.



It's been super rainy this whole week but we managed to get my new glass studio set up! It's part of the shed in the back yard. Though I wouldn't really call it a shed. We lucked out with this place, as there are four separate parts inside - all wired with electricity and spacious. My area was originally an office for the owner of the house - with concrete surfaces and good air flow, it's perfect for lampworking.

Stephen has his tools set up on the second level. His first project here was to build the structure holding my fan. He attached wheels so I can roll it in front of the door while working and pull air from the garage door side. I worked out there today for the first time, and before I knew it, 4.5 hours had flown by. A great sign!


festival weekend + Asheville move complete

It's been such a wonderful and busy week. Last weekend my girlfriends and I went to a little festival in Gore, VA called Nomadic Roots. I vended Urban Revisions pieces and random makings from over the years. It was the perfect little get away with the ladies before our big move.

Steve and I are all moved into the Asheville house now - far from unpacked but comfortable, and completely in love with everything. The willow tree in the back yard, fresh flowers from the garden, our adorable kitchen... I have much more to share (with a proper camera) soon!