Good Cheer Deal!

Better late than never... remember I mentioned another sweatshop project for Monday? It's finally up!

Plenty of No. 1 Shredded Scarves available (50 total!) - in the color of your choice.
Visit Oh, Hello Friend - where you can grab one for a discounted price of $26.00 + $2.00 shipping...

Bonus! For the rest of the week enter coupon code SPRING11 during checkout for 15% off everything in the shop...


shredding fingers

This morning I shipped out an order of 21 Shredded No. 3 Scarves to Revolver in San Francisco. 
I must admit, I didn't allow myself enough time to complete them... shredded panels (versus large shredded areas) are always more difficult to produce quickly. My wrist and fingers tips are SO sore. Finishing the last one felt like winning a marathon and even though it doesn't seem like very many, I had to take a few photos to remember this pile...

On Monday I've got another sweatshop project brewing. Stay tuned!


spring stroll...

Last week we had an absolutely gorgeous day and went for a walk around Maymont. I've been visiting the estate, gardens and petting zoo for as long as I can remember but it never gets old. Especially in the spring. I shot some of my pictures for Urban Revisions there this time last year...


new (fancy!) stockist ...


Jess from Willow Knows on Etsy recently contacted me inquiring about an Urban Revisions order on behalf of Derriere de Soie... a lovely lingerie boutique located not too far away in Charlottesville, Virginia. So pleased to be working with these ladies! I'm currently slaving over a large quantity of shredded scarves and cluster rings that will be traveling their way within the next few weeks.

I adore this video above! A collaboration with the shop and Willow Knows... the perfect display of feminine vintage ideals and sexy underthings :)

_bed project_

I've mentioned a few times that Stephen and I were working towards building a platform bed. This is the final product. We purchased some of the nicest wood at Lowes (where S works), stained it and pieced it together at home. Stephen's not entirely happy with it, mainly due to the saw at Lowes producing slightly off cuts... but overall, I think it's so pretty and a heck of a lot better quality than anything we would buy at Ikea or West Elm. Also, considering he's never really made anything of this nature, I gotta say, my man impresses me!

One day we could retire it to a guest room. I'm still very interested in working with some reclaimed wood and making something like this.

ps - our bedroom obviously needs some work... we need something beautiful to look at on that bare wall! I keep telling myself I'll get a photo blown up and framed but as usual, time just keeps on scooting by...


recent collections =

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If you've been following my blog for a while now, you already know about my everlasting obsession with curating treasury collections via Etsy...


Kiva Ford

Etsy could not have chosen a better time to post this new Handmade Portraits article as far as I'm concerned. I was so pleasantly surprised to watch this just now! Today has been dedicated to shredding scarves for a large order I'm working on... though I'm about to stop and go light up the torch...


torch work.

We've had the set up complete for a over a week (I made my goal!), though I haven't really been able to spend much time on the torch till these last few days. They've been working on plumbing in our apartment... and even though we have all the safety issues taken care of, it seems a little sketchy to have a flame and tanks running when you've got the maintenance guy around all the time. I've mostly just played around with scrap colors and clusters so far but I've got some other ideas panning out too. So excited to learn more techniques and use those fresh new tools! After posting this picture, I got a really nice response on the mint colored glass so I'll definitely be ordering some more of that. 

Stephen did most of the research for setting everything up, and even though hes never had much interest in working with glass before, he's determined to be a master now. He took a go at it for the first time yesterday... I should share his very first project here on the blog. It's pretty adorable/humorous.

ps - I've added a size 8 and 9 to the periwinkle cluster ring in the shop!


- spring dyes -

I've listed a few new ooak spring time pieces in the shop...
enter coupon: SPRING10 at checkout for 20% off everything :)


something blue.

A custom order for a lovely lady getting married this May.
She's wearing a simple strapless gown and thought my leaf earrings would be the perfect dramatic contrast.
Congratulations Cara!
(Waiting to hear which pair she prefers, the other will be listed in the shop soon!)