making progress (slowly).

- scarves for derriere de soie: finally finished, shipping out today! (never get tired of photographing piles of shreds)
- hot cluster ring: a poor example but that *glow* you see there? that's why I love working with glass. mesmerizing work. 
- pastel lights: should I wait till Christmas to use these in product photos? i think not. 
- trade: I sent Jenn a cluster ring in exchange for her geo earrings. check out her blog! she has great taste.
- fabric fabric fabric: i've been holding onto this stuff for years. there's no doubt i love pouches and totes. thinking it's time i get better at sewing and make my own.
- pastel clusters: these will be available in the shop sooner than I thought! for the meantime, check out the rings I added to the SALE section yesterday...

I've been struggling with the fact that my work is very springtime and spring is basically over. I don't know if I'll ever be able to produce seasonal lines like other designers. Maybe if I had extra helping hands, but I'm stubborn and I want to do everything myself. 
A few days ago I noticed on Anabela's, Fieldguided Facebook page, her "about" reads: 
Its a "spring line" all year long.
I like this idea.

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