Shabd's SS10 collection may finally convince me to throw some dollars down. 
Her original dyes that had everyone talking definitely got me excited but something about them still felt too close to your everyday tie dye kit.
These new pieces however!!! I sigh. 


*festive glass*

So sad, my Mama broke some of her favorite Christmas ornaments this year while preparing the tree. I'm happy I had time to make her some new ones before leaving town. The first is similar to flower/snowflake pieces I've created for projects in the past. The second, a large cluster that reminds me of an acorn of sorts. Braided and knit with an iridescent white string I found. 
I love how the lights shine through!


Happy Holidays!

Made images of pretty Lisa wearing Shredded Scarf No. 4 last week.
We had a little snow in Richmond and I love her hair color against the bricks and white ground.
However you may celebrate, I hope you all have a merry-jolly-festive holiday! 


Onetribe Organics

Stephen introduced me to Onetribe Organics body jewelry earlier this year. He has stretched ears and an ever-growing collection of their creations. They specialize in body modification adornments but are happy to create custom pieces for regular pierced ears too.

Bone, Stone, Wood, Metal...  Amber, Jade, Obsidian, Amazonite, Labradorite.....etc! etc! the span of organic materials are ridiculous and picked with the best quality in mind.

These bits of prehistoric amber contain ants. More than 25 million years old! How would you like to wear history like this in your ears?!
Stephen's most amazing pair is definitely his custom ivoryite with a labradorite setting. You can read the elaborate process and see him rocking the set in Jared's post on the Tribeblog here.

The showroom also has two cases featuring Onetribe's adornment antiquities collection from both Eastern and Western Hemispheres.
They recently started stocking customer handmade goods including my Urban Revisions scarves. I'm thrilled to take part in a space with such dedication. I could go on and on about these guys but I'll stop here.

My photos really don't do them justice. Go take a look at their online shop / amazing craft and knowledge! If you are local, take a drive over to their studio / show room. I promise you won't be disappointed :)


FP status

A recent treasury I made landed on Etsy's front page earlier today.
I love everything here (still drooling everytime I see Julia's duffel bag)...
View / Browse here.


it's my birthday!


I am one lucky girl, let me tell you - this morning Stephen gifted me this amazing ring he had custom made by Elseetee on etsy.
Raw Diamonds, amethyst and a steel grey pearl. 
Isn't it gorgeous!!!


NeW yEaRs *cluster*

Digging Need Supply's new holiday lookbook!
See my glass cluster rings? I know I'll be wearing one to bring in 2011 :)
These images - shot by Richmond's Cameron Charles.



I thought about listing these after the holidays for spring but changed my mind. I'm already over winter, so why not? Urban Revision's pictures span a complete range of seasons anyway. It's funny, I went through a serious - hate pink - phase for a while but I'm leaning towards girly again.
Check out the pink cluster ring. These are also very limited in stock like the lilac cluster ring...


blue and gray

One of a kind - just listed in the shop...

The Fragility of Time

LOVE this project.

"Designer Ignacio Canales Aracil created these sculptures by pressing and drying wild flowers. Called The Fragility of Time, the project involves collecting plants from gardens and nurseries then pressing them to form fragile sculptures. 
The flowers are held together without any structure or glue, they stand and stick together as the straw in a hat after being dried and pressed all at once. The roughness of the process which requires lots of physical effort contrast with the delicacy and fragility of the finished sculpture.
Working with flowers trying to preserve their beauty, faces directly the fears that we share in the society about time. Life and dead are confronted in a piece which celebrates beauty, sexuality and time. Fighting with and against nature."


Lilac Cluster

Every time I make a new jewelry style lately I get so freaking excited. Seriously man, I want to keep all of these for myself!
A great friend of mine told me yesterday - these remind her of lilac trees. I completely see it and adore the idea. The cluster ring is evolving into so many different ideas - ice, flowers, algae... I've got a lot more colors in the works for the future all mimicking natural and abstract ideas.

The Lilac Cluster Rings are very limited in quantity - right now I have a broad range of sizes but it will be awhile before I can get this color glass again. Let me know if you want me to put one aside for you :)


The Cool Tones Collection

It took a little longer than I had planned but they're all listed now.  
Stirred up a ton of new ideas along the way... now, excited to start something new.
Go take a look.

o.m.g. BubbLES

Found via Molly - Gemma Booth for Foam Magazine.

Secrets Shared - you should read this.

Bookmarked THIS earlier today, or rather I should say yesterday now. I was crazy busy but read a few lines and knew it would be perfect for reading tonight (this morning) while I lay in bed unable to turn my churning brain off (a regular occurrence as of late).

I've already heard this advice in one way or another, whether it was from my mom, another maker or even something I grew to understand within the past 6 months. However, Keri's list pretty much brings it all into a nutshell for me right now.
I especially love #6, # 8, #10, #12, #14... never mind, I love them ALL.





Man! SO wish I could be present at this Holiday Sale in Brooklyn today.


I always love the images over at the strange eyes tumblr. 
Recent favorites, these kind of nudge me in the *oh my god, soon I'm going to be living in California* way...