Electric Forest part 1: sampling of the Sherwood Forest...

Electric Forest this past week was undoubtedly the most amazing festival I have attended in my 4 years of festie travels. Many friends of ours (new and old) were able to join efforts in a large camping area that made the perfect home for four days in between four stages of music, the illuminated by night and relaxing by day - Sherwood Forest, incredible artwork, vendors, a badass water park (!) and many more aspects of the JJ Ranch venue that I never expected.

We took many pictures but there was no way we could capture everything in it's glory. For now I want to share with you all the Reincarnation installation created inside the forest. The team who made it travel to different venues and volunteer prior to events - scoring the land for scrap metal, objects and natural elements. At all different parts of the day, this installation took on new life. I captured small bits of it the second day we were there, a little after I had woken up and the flowers had been laid down. It had just rained and the dew and the silence I experienced at this time are something I will never forget. 

Docufest did an amazing job covering the fest in four parts. Here is part four which shares a little bit of above:

I'll be adding more photos to my flickr and here on the blog soon.
Just wait till you see the forest at night ... :) 

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Sarah said...

This looks like a pretty fun festival. The installation is awesome. It's so neat that they find the things they use on the land.