crystals _ or _ bust.

Remember how I mentioned Stephen and I were going quartz mining on the way to Wakarusa last week? Yeah, that was a bust. After driving two hours out of the way, we found ourselves deep in the woods staring at Arrowhead Crystal Mine's closed sign. We could've gone digging somewhere else but it was already late in the afternoon and it just wasn't meant to be. 

All throughout Mount Ida there are shops and stands with locals selling rocks. Each had a ridiculous amount of quartz ( in which they all *claim* they dig up in their own back yards), in addition to pieces shipped from all over the world. Bleh. It was cool to see but I didn't buy anything. We had our heart set on finding our own! At least Stephen got to "mine" in the sandbox for a minute ;)

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hollie said...

omg, crystal heaven. i badly want to go and see this place you ae talking about and stop at all those locals' stalls!