kind craft.

A few things I've acquired so far on our summer travels... 

- Beautiful and intricate wrap skirt woven by a traditional artisan in Guatemala. 
I find Justa fair trade practices very admirable... 

- Turquoise embellished moccasins created by the small team behind Tread Light Gear. I did a trade with them a while back for their Maori sandals and had been day dreaming about their mocs ever since. I still need to wear them in a bit but they are already the most wonderful feeling shoes I own. Still wishing I had taken some pictures of their booth at Electric Forest. The variety of styles and craftsmanship in person was so impressive.

- From kind people I met at Wakarusa
Mount Ida quartz crystals gifted to me at after I told a local about our mining bust and thanks to a pretty lady whose name I can't recall, a resin spoon containing an Arkansas wildflower.


Dianne said...

WOW these Mocs are so amazing. I fell in love with moccasins when I was in Colorado last year and have had a pair I've hardly taken off since, but these look incredible and I want some. Love the turq on them. Beautiful. They look so comfy!

x Dianne

Aimee said...

I'M jealous of your findings. That resin spoon is gorgeous! I should try to do some resin spoons with little treats inside. My dad loves crafty things and makes jewelry and keyrings from old silverwear, so I'm sure he wouldn't go ape shit over a couple of missing spoons hah!