making glass rainbows

My second Fab.com sale is launching in a few days!

Friends have always told me I should make clusters available in every color. I am not necessarily drawn to every color in the rainbow but I think variety is important. A Fab sale seemed like a great opportunity for this - especially because their customer base is so bold and fun.

The "primary" and "secondary" rings are most exciting to me. 
Especially the layered blue, red and yellow. When the light hits just right, it creates a whole spectrum of color.

Several of these styles will not be available on my own site (red, orange, green & primary).
So if you really love something, please grab it!

See the preview and shop the sale starting 3/13 here....
ps - there will be matching dot earrings :)

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Anne M Bray said...

These are beautiful! I might have to get one!!!