Asheville, part 5 : Penland

Before I start posting images from my road trip last week, I want to talk about Asheville a little more.  During the time that we visited, Stephen's brother Corey was finishing up a two week glass blowing course at Penland School of Craft.
We drove up the mountain to check it out one afternoon and I immediately decided that I would love to take glass and textile classes there. Unfortunately, they were in the process of changing over to a new session - so we didn't get to see much of the art that had been made the two weeks prior. Corey took us on a tour through all the different studios so we could see the facilities and there were plenty of art pieces here and there to appreciate.
In each craft department, they have a shelf where artists can place unsatisfied work. If you want any of the pieces, you simply donate a few dollars right there at the shelf to said charity and take home whatever you want. We brought back four gorgeous opalescent colored glass vases, that in our eyes are perfection.
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Such lovely photos.

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