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Can't believe it's November 3rd. How did this happen? The fall always flies by.
Halloween weekend was so much fun - my girlfriend Allie came to stay with me and we've been veggin out, painting nails and eating thai food... on a recent trip to Panama she picked up a wonderful little handmade souvenir for me - a red wooden necklace with dreamcatcher design in the middle. We haven't been all too productive around here this week but I did manage to shred a small order of No. 2 style scarves, currently traveling to The Feather's Edge Finery in Bend, Oregon.
Also, we discovered the blooming beauties above in the dumpster the other night. Kind of amusing... second-hand flowers and they've been making me so happy!

ps - are you a Urban Revisions facebook fan? I'm having a special (kind of secret) sale!
Including this new one of a kind scarf, which I think may be my most favorite dye technique to date...

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jessica {creative index} said...

glad you had a nice halloween weekend!

and such pretty flowers!! great find! ;)