fall in The Fan.

These past few weeks I've been taking the time to walk my orders to the post office instead of drive. Normally I feel rushed to get back home and work but my mind and body have been craving fresh air lately. A perfect time for it too, The Fan is always gorgeous in the fall. I'm sure it won't be long till we're freezing our noses off and I'll decide to drive but I'm enjoying this walking habit for now.
("The Fan" district got it's name based on the shape the streets create on a Richmond city map...)


Anonymous said...

Fun Fact: according to Tibetan medicine the air in Autumn is very nutrient rich and therefore especially good to drink deeply. Continue to enjoy those long walks and take deep breaths knowing the air is doing your body, and probably mind, some good.

yep...nerd alert!

Krista Ahlgrim said...

These photos are absolutely stunning! Love how vibrant they are :)

and i love the above comment ^^