/// ooak tie dye ///

 ... a few of the new one of a kind shredded scarves ...
available in the SHOP

Moorea Seal is hosting a giveaway for me!
- go enter to win a Shredded Scarf No. 5 in the color of your choice -

The "not so secret" sale is on until Friday! 
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Sarah said...

These are stunning! Beautiful work :).

Lost Boys & Lovers said...

amazing photos, arlie!

Shannon said...

Love your scarfs. They are gorgeous. I'm adding you as my favorite on etsy.


Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Beautiful. x hivenn

Ella said...

Gorgeous! They look amazing in the light. Colour and texture are sublime.

I might have to add this to my Christmas wish list. Too bad I'm so good at building my list but not so good at finding stuff for other people...

ilana kohn said...

so nice arlie! :) ever thought about playing with natural dyes?? i bet they would really be pretty amazing on your scarves!