Quirk visit...

Stopped by Quirk Gallery yesterday to drop off some new cluster rings! 
They still have a few of my pieces from last winter including this necklace

Lovely things caught my eye while I was walking around...
- How great are those gimp bracelets? Take me straight back to elementary school.
- The fork bracelets are by Mary Andrews of Contrary! Also a Richmond local.
Shelly Klein is the creator behind the cute drawings in the last photo. Her exhibit is up until June 24th.
 If you find yourself in Richmond soon, go check it out!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

you know, i've heard of quirk before (although i can't remember how), but i love seeing your pictures to get more of an idea of what it's like!

oh.just.jess said...

OMG GIMP! (i saw the photo and was like 'what was that called again!?' and why isnt there camp for grown ups?!)

such a cute shop!

Mary Andrews said...

LOVE Quirk so much - so glad to know I'm such great company. In NYC this week - so sorry I missed you!

xoxo - Mary