baby pouches ~

Spent some time yesterday sewing up bits of my hand dyed cotton scraps. Little baby pouches for jewelry shipments! I think they are so cute.
A shop update IS happening on Monday! Included will be the necklaces from this picture along with several more I am finishing up today.


life is happy most of the time. said...

those are so beautiful! i want to keep all my gems and stones and crystals in there and tote them around with me! xx

hollie said...

i love these. the fabric is so pretty... i too want to keep some crystals in them. are you going to sell these on their own or are they just to put your lovely little pieces in?

vintage process said...

So cool!

Bonjour Johanna said...

They look really good. It's a nice work you did,

I just found your page & decided to pass here often.