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Speaking of spring time and glass making anticipation, I was going through old photo folders today and thought these projects would be nice to share. All of these were created around this time last year during my class with Emilio Santini (who was by far my favorite teacher during undergraduate). 

I regret not getting better pictures of the flower/shredded fabric installation. The warm hue and lack of detail doesn't really show it's worth. The dirt inside the mushroom box was fresh out of the ground when I took these pictures. It hung in my old apartment for many months while the dirt dried but I took it apart recently to pack. I have tons more glass mushrooms left over from similar projects. They're so perfect for sticking in garden beds and flower pots. Reminder to self - buy plants!

ps - I've moved the entire Cool Tones Necklace collection to the SALE section. 30% off!

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