Pinterest =


I signed up when it first came out but somehow got overwhelmed immediately. Got back into it a couple days ago and I gotta say, I'm addicted. Pretty much everything I've pined or re-pinned thus far are images I've seen before (or something similar). The majority of my time online is spent image browsing and countless times I've cursed myself because I can't remember an image source. Also, the organization surely beats the "inspiration" folder on my desk top. It's a terrible mess.

Basically, I heart my Pinterest account and the sampling of images above.
(...and to think I only started tweetin' a few weeks ago. I gotta stay on the ball over here...)


heylila said...

cool photos!!!



eric said...

Love that shirt! Well, pretty much love most of the stuff in that shop!

Leora said...

dude! pintrest is so sweet! my fave is teenangster.