_spring-full studio_

Finding myself especially drawn to pastel color palettes and girly things lately. 
Tomorrow is the first day of spring and it's so obvious while hanging out in my studio...

- Some favorite cluster rings. I don't have any more of this glass (yet) so I can't bare to list them. Love them too much.
- Shades of shreds. I've been getting pieces together for a new photo shoot.
- Window sill. The little bowl is made by Daniella
- Silk top I thrifted and tie dyed. 
- New to me, last season sandals that I'm a little obsessed with. 
- Dyed scraps and Essie colors to match. 
- I've been making daisy chains with my friend Emily. Makes me feel like I'm 10 years old again :)


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

wow, i love EVERYTHING about this post, but especially those cluster rings! i thought i like the clear rings, but after seeing the white and green, i have to check and be sure i'm still breathing. they are GORGEOUS!

bubbles on my planet said...

these rings are really awesome!!
I didn't know about your blog and etsy shop until now, your designs are so lovely :)

mkh said...

omg those shoes are amazing!!

another feather said...

i love this post! I have found my self in the same pastel boat this spring, colors i've typically run from. but man something about them this year! LOVE those opaque green and white cluster rings..so good.