Asheville, part 1 : glass shopping spree.

Home from Asheville and I have so much to share! First off, we visited my glass supplier, Mountain Glass Arts in person. I've ordered all my supplies thus far through their online shop and while I was already impressed by their quality and kindness - seeing them in person lived up to my expectations and more.

Like a kid in a candy shop. So many amazing colors, so many difficult decisions! My favorite rods I brought home are a discontinued shade of "Mother of Green Pearl". Very excited about it's iridescent quality. And how about that glass geode in the last photo? Amazing, right?

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Mallory said...

i loved this post because i've never really thought about the form glass comes in (before you heat it up and make beautiful jewelry & such)... and it's rods! that's cool.

& that geode really is amazing.