the trade bead necklace.

As mentioned yesterday, I picked up a beautiful strand of vintage beads on our road trip and it inspired me to create something similar of my own. Strung on a soft white leather cord, the clear and lilac glass mimic the blue and white Venetian trade bead pattern with adjoining skunk bead in the middle.
I love the organic quality produced by working fast with bead mandrels.
Each bead has it's own special shape and hangs differently than the next.
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Emma Matthews said...

Lovely necklace!

Emma x

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

super cute, nice work! i really love your blog :)


Jacob Abramson said...

Awesome Style of Necklace!
I also like it very much.I'm glad that I came here in your site .This is full of information I need.Thank you very much for sharing.

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