Road Trip Part 5 : Frontier Plunder Antiques

 Making our way through Utah towards Zion National Park (which is GORGEOUS by the way) we happened to pull over at Frontier Plunder Antiques. From the outside it looked like typical souvenir shops in the southwest but after walking through the front door, I was immediately in awe. The adobe house was built twenty years ago with the intent of creating the adjoining vintage shop by Harriet and her husband John.

Each time I picked something up Harriet could immediately tell me it's history and then some. I could have stayed there all day picking her brain. After much obsessing and jaw dropping, I purchased a batik dress and a string of Venetian glass trade beads that were made circa 1740s - 1850s. Be sure to dive into their website. They have small collection online for sale that will give you a great idea of the amazing-ness not pictured. Also, take some time to read the blog posts - they will be sure to intrigue and put a smile on your face.

Finishing up my own beaded necklace today inspired by the one I purchased.
Look for it here on the blog and in my shop tomorrow! 


Larissa Wisniewski said...

These pictures are absolutely amazing!!

Nicky said...

Cool blog! Beautiful pictures! :) XO