torch work.

We've had the set up complete for a over a week (I made my goal!), though I haven't really been able to spend much time on the torch till these last few days. They've been working on plumbing in our apartment... and even though we have all the safety issues taken care of, it seems a little sketchy to have a flame and tanks running when you've got the maintenance guy around all the time. I've mostly just played around with scrap colors and clusters so far but I've got some other ideas panning out too. So excited to learn more techniques and use those fresh new tools! After posting this picture, I got a really nice response on the mint colored glass so I'll definitely be ordering some more of that. 

Stephen did most of the research for setting everything up, and even though hes never had much interest in working with glass before, he's determined to be a master now. He took a go at it for the first time yesterday... I should share his very first project here on the blog. It's pretty adorable/humorous.

ps - I've added a size 8 and 9 to the periwinkle cluster ring in the shop!


kove said...

great shots arlie! love, love, love the mint color. xo

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh my gosh, arlie, that aqua mottled color, whatever you'd call it is GORGEOUS! also, i love the rose colored glass stick. so pretty! you make me want to play with glass more now, although i'm a complete amateur. you're amazing!