a change of plans

I know you all (my few 100 or so lovely blog readers) are going to expect a post soon with a sunny update from The Golden State. 
Unfortunately, I'm taking a few minutes here to tell you our plans have changed...
This past Saturday we were packed and ready when - at the very last minute - we found ourselves dealing with a situation here in Richmond. Everyone is healthy and safe, though our cross country move to California has been postponed indefinitely. My current task at hand is finding a new, temporary home/studio where I can continue my work with Urban Revisions and find new inspiration. I must admit, I've lost interest in this town and was incredibly excited to experience fresh places and new ideas on the west coast. I am more bummed than you can possibly imagine, though this is life and I trust it always works out. I have stacks of new photos and plans waiting for the shop. We'll see, I'm hoping to just dive right back in when the time feels right.

Not trying to get overly emotional over here but I happened to watch the video above over the weekend. Via Design For Mankind, the music is beautiful and the colored smoke, wonderfully executed. I don't know how else to describe it but I can honestly say that when it came to an end I felt calm and somewhat understood in this current jumbled brain of mine.


Mallory said...

I'm sorry that things are bummer-esque, Arlie. I can definitely empathize with how disappointing it must be to not get to set off and "experience fresh places and new ideas on the west coast", as you put it, because that's what I want to do right now oh so badly. From experience, I know how much it sucks to think you're going to go somewhere or do something... but then NOPE - doesn't happen. Bah. I'm really hoping that I discover I have some magical powers that had - until now - been dormant, 'cuz I'd totally use them to whip my current situation into a more pleasing one, then I'd help fix yours too, haha.

Kai said...

Hi Arlie,

My name is Kai, and I purchased some of your lovely scarves for my shop awhile back, in Santa Cruz. We've since closed, sadly, and I have dreams now of designing jewelry - I've been looking at how people promote their lines via blogging, and stumbled across your blog, and realized, hmmm, I know this line ... I just wanted to say hello and offer some words of support and encouragement.

Arlie said...

Mallory, thank you kindly for your empathy on my non-move. Let's put our heads together sometime, I'm trying to conjure up some super magical powers too ;)

Kai, thanks so much for this note. Made me smile :) Best of luck with your jewelry design! I'm unsure if my blog helps promote my work very much but it certainly helps me feel like I have a voice behind all this.