past due, Arizona...

I took all of these images during my trip to Arizona over Christmas... a visit to the Desert Museum and the Grand Canyon. I told myself I would start taking more pictures this year and attempt to blog more about my everyday... obviously I'm already behind but oh well, these pictures are still fun! I flew back out here yesterday to come visit my mom and I think seeing cacti again gave me an extra shove to post these. We will be checking out the Gem Show tomorrow. I'm itching to get my hands on some sweet rocks. You all can definitely expect a photo update showing off all the massive gems I'm about to see and wish I could tote back to Virginia.

Also, check out my somewhat new flickr account. I've been in an organizing mood lately... trying to compile all my past work and start a photo diary of sorts to link here.


amourette said...

wow! great photos!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

ahhhh, gasp! i could go crazy around those stones!

arizona looks beautiful. the only time i've ever been there was during a layover at sky harbor int'l (i think that's the airport), so obviously i couldn't see much of anything, but your pictures make me want to go!