We've started an official countdown around here. 15 days! Yikes, the move is really starting to feel real. I've been trying to get so much done before I pack up shop... new designs, photo shoots, a few more pieces for local Richmond shops. Jan modeled Shredded Scarf No. 1 for me yesterday and I've got a lot more beautiful images to post soon. I'm going to miss having all my ladies around to pose for me. None of them are "models", they are *real* women that I know and love. An important attribute to Urban Revisions, I think. Change is good though and I'm excited about the prospect of a big city bringing me tons of exposure to women wanting their picture taken. I haven't looked at modelmayhem.com yet for the area, but I'm sure it's flooded in Los Angeles.

Don't forget - I choose a winner for the cluster ring and scarf giveaway tomorrow!


A N G E L A said...

love your blog and style!!
i am following!!



The Style Realist said...

AMAZING scarf..


Shilpi said...

beautiful scarf!