Quirk Gallery here in Richmond is a fun space located right in the middle of the popular First Friday art walks. Along with a rotating gallery, they carry a wonderful array of eclectic wears and gadgets. I stopped by before Christmas to show them some of my glass jewelry pieces and I'm stoked to have several on display and for sale now in their shop.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of all the pieces (they have a set of earrings and more necklaces). I've been meaning to get over there again before our move but time has gotten away from me! If you're in Richmond or passing through, definitely go say hi - they have a wonderful gallery in the back and tons of "quirky" things to enjoy. I'm planning to send them some shredded scarves for spring as well!

PS - see that round cluster pendant? It's pretty big! Expect it's little sister in the shop soon ;)


Mary Andrews said...

Oh I am so thrilled to hear you are in Quirk - I'm in good company now :) Katie, Diana, and the ladies of Quirk Gallery are true gems. I will try to sneak a peek of your glass jewelry next First Friday!

xoxo - hope LA is treating you well.

Arlie said...

Thank you Mary! That means a lot. So happy to be part of the shop there, I've loved the space since it opened back when I was living in the dorms at Vcu :)