dreaming of the playa...


Stephen and I were trying to make it to Burning Man this year though making the trek was ultimately deemed silly. Considering we are moving to the West coast this winter, plans for the event will be much more effective come this time next year.

All images I've ever seen of the burn are amazing (simply because the event is out of this world), though I think these particular photographs are crucial. Although I've never been, the atmospheric feel of this work by Samantha Casolari make me feel even closer to Black Rock Desert.

*ps - I feel like I should start doing weekly blog posts on reasons (#2365+) why moving to California is so exciting.
I can't wait - so many exciting changes in the near future!


Sadie Rose said...

oh wow, those really are some good ones. i'm with you sister...next year for sure!!

Wilson said...

wilson loves burning man!