...Brandi's making moves...

"everything I need is where I'm going"

"strange loop"

I've blogged about Brandi's work before - I've been following her for a few years now. We recently started chatting it up on Etsy and it was all in good timing. While I am trying to move away from Richmond, Brandi has been trying to re-locate somewhere fresh. After I filled her in about my whereabouts over the phone, she and her boyfriend came to the city for the first time ever this past weekend. They loved it, they signed a lease and they are on their way soon. I'm so happy that I could pass Richmond on to someone as talented as Brandi. Even though I may be ready to leave, this city holds a lot of excitement for new eyes and minds.

Watch out Rva! I know Brandi Srickland is bringing her creative juice with her...

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